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Serial online entrepreneur. Started his way in Affiliate Marketing as a solo affiliate he soon had created AffiliateFix, the largest forum dedicated to affiliate marketing in the world.

AffiliateFix was sold for a 7 figure number making Oliver a millionaire. He now runs two affiliate marketing related projects: an agency that focuses on landing page development and internet marketing coupon site. Lives in The UK with his wife and a black Labrador. Enjoys food, fitness and traveling.

What is your current focus?

So we are currently focused on growing perfecting and scaling “Landingpageguys”, which is our full-service agency that focuses on conversion rate optimization and landing page design development. Our focus is on scaling that we currently do between kind of fifty and a hundred projects per month. We’re building up our internal team and alongside that I have a kind of hobby/passion project which is “internet marketing deals” – the first internet marketing deals and coupon site. 

Productivity and Lifestyle

I don't necessarily work out to look good, I work out to feel good Click To Tweet
Oliver Kenyon

What time do you wake up every working day?

I wake up at 6:30 and I’m working out by about quarter to 7:00 in the morning.

What are your success daily habits? 

I tend to do things in an unconventional way. I don’t do things for the obvious reason. For example, my biggest habit that I now do is I love working out. I love fitness and working out but I don’t necessarily work out to look good, I work out to feel good. So at half past six every morning I do a 20-minute HIIT workout and I do that because it wakes me up and it makes me feel really good.

I also read but I don’t read to gain knowledge. I read because it makes me sleep better. So before sleeping I always read at least 10 pages of a book. Yes, I can pick up some knowledge but it also makes me sleep better. Then, aside from that I think it’s working to a list and having processes in place. 

So, firstly, its fitness. I believe in working out when you feel sluggish and lazy because it actually gives you energy. Second, is reading before bed because it gives you a good night’s sleep and then, third, is just working to a list and using processes.

Look at it as a positive, you know, the more shit you go through the better you become at dealing with shit Click To Tweet

What is the best environment for you to get things done?

For me, personally, it’s silence. The rest of my team quite happily will talk and have music but I have a little sound-canceling headphones, to have complete silence. Silence for me is the best and yet don’t get distracted. I mean that’s why I wasn’t very good at school as I kept getting distracted by people in the class and stuff.

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Tell me a little bit about your working process ?

I work best in the morning. I’ll work from 8 o’clock up until midday. At 12 o’clock lunch time without interruption, apart from team meetings and stuff we do. From 8:00 till 12:00 is  intense work then I work an hour after lunch and then I’ll go to the gym. I’ll come back and work another couple of hours in the evening because we work with a lot of US clients. 

How do you manage your to-do list?

I have a Trello board where I have each company or each project listed in Trello, including a personal list and a general list. I list out everything that comes into my head in those lists, then I extract from those lists each day onto a notepad on Apple notes and I work to that list. 

Thinking and learning

I'm sure everyone knows but CBD is hot right now and it's not going anywhere. It's only going to increase this demand Click To Tweet
Oliver Kenyon

How do you push through your worst times? 

Good questions. Again if you’re talking miniscule kind of bad time like if you have a bad day or if you have a bad slump in your day then I really believe fitness is great. 

In the big picture, how do you get through big kind of problems? It’s trying to learn from them. One of our core values is to see problems as challenges, we tend to look at problems as a challenge, we solve that challenge and then we try to prevent that challenge not have happening again. So, look at it as a positive, you know, the more shit you go through the better you become at dealing with shit. 

What books do you wish every businessman would read?

For book recommendations I would read a “Shoe Dog” the book about the Nike founder. I would read anything by Daniel Priestley who’s a UK entrepreneur. I think that’s a really good book. Ray Dalio Principles is a really good book as well.

How many tasks do you tend to take daily?

It depends on how big the tasks are. I’ll probably work on like two big tasks and four or five small tasks per day. 

Affiliate Marketing

You are working a lot with landing pages, out of your experience what is the hottest thing right now in affiliate marketing industry?

Two things. One is niche specific and that is CBD. I’m sure everyone knows but CBD is hot right now and it’s not going anywhere. It’s only going to increase this demand. 

The most popular thing we see right now from affiliates is moving from an affiliate marketer to a brand and offer owner. Taking the offers and the products that you used to run and turning them into serious brands. Branding is everything now. Turning your affiliate campaigns into a branded company for longevity and thinking more long-term.

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