Lana from Conversion Club: successful affiliates are all hard workers!

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Journalist and a media personality. Co-founder and CEO at Conversion Club – a community of affiliate marketers sharing actionable info to help each other.

Started her way in the industry in 2017 as an affiliate manager, she soon became a head of a PR department and began a series of interviews with top affiliates and key figures in the industry. She was an international DJ touring around the world. Actual affiliate now running campaigns.

What is your current focus? 

Hey what’s up, right now I am working with a team and we’ve launched a brand new Affiliate Marketing community. Conversion Club will be a hub of information, news, events and interviews.

When I am not busy with this project AND my child is in bed, I also run my own campaigns and traffic on Facebook.


Lana – CEO of Conversion Club

You travel a lot. How do you manage your working process on the go?

I try to wake up two or three hours earlier in the morning or spend a few extra hours at night to catch up on everything.

Your top 5 business apps that make your daily routine easier?

Google Drive , Voluum (my day normally starts with it), Skype, Telegram, Multilogin and Facebook of course.

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If you only had two hours a week for work how would you spend them? 

2 hours for work? Is it possible to work only for 2 hours? I think I would employ 100 people that will be able to do the work that needs to get done and will spend 2 hours a week checking performance and reports on the CRM. If you don’t have the time to get work done, then you can ‘buy back time’ with these kinds of strategies.

When I am not busy with this project AND my child is in bed, I also run my own campaigns and traffic on Facebook. Click To Tweet

How do you organise your communications?

I just try to be kind, easy and open for all people to communicate with! You never know when someone will help you and will give you good advice or the right contact when you will need it!

How does your to do list look like?

Daily tasks: brief notes on my phone. I have a good memory and keep things organized in my head, and that’s why I can’t  stop planning and thinking when I am going to bed.

Monthly tasks – on my favorite google drive.

Yearly tasks – again on my favorite Google drive.

How do you fight procrastination?

I am the kind of person who cannot fall asleep at night if something is left undone or ignored. it’s better for my peace and calm to finish my deals, or they will come in my nightmares.


Lana from Conversion Club

Top 5 FB groups related to AM to participate in 2020?

Conversion Club. One and only.

Also groups of my friends and cool dudes :

Top 5 people in the industry to follow and read?

I personally listen and absorb as much information as possible from my friends who are affiliates.

Personally I like and respect Tim Burd and his classes and mastermind, visited one of them – feets well for white head, recommending!

The successful ones are all hard workers for sure! Click To Tweet

Any telegram chats related to AM that are worth reading?

Love russian chats from Moscow Affiliate Conference (MAC) , these gave me a lot of good contacts for accounts and applications :

Affiliate Marketing

Lana from Conversion Club

What trends have you seen being shaped in the industry in 2020?

More mobile traffic and much more regulations coming from Facebook that affect the way affiliates work.

You have spoken to hundreds of super successful affiliates. Anything common among them?

The best ones are chill, relaxed, and don’t waste their time showing off – the successful ones are all hard workers for sure!

5 rules of successful affiliates?

Test, ask, test, do not give up, read, test!

5 rules to land on a good job in the industry?

be friends with everyone!

🌸 What is it like to be a lady in affiliate marketing? 

The First year was really difficult, as people didn’t meet me personally and the stereotype of “blonde from East Europe” has made things more difficult – instead of focusing on my personality and my brain. But now after a few conferences, meeting lots of new people and collaboration with my partners – I  see a lot of respect from my competitors that now became my partners and friends.

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