Ian Fernando – The most important tool I have is my notebook

Generating new ideas, getting things done and some verticals to pay attention to


Ian has been in affiliate marketing for 15 years. Before he started AM had 3 jobs and barely had time to sleep. Throughout the years he’s done it all from affiliate marketing to Amazon FBA.

Ian is originally from the US, but likes to travel the world and values his freedom above anything else. He is also an author of a blog, where he writes on a regular basis everything related to making money online. Regular speaker of affiliate marketing conferences and an out-box thinker.

What is your current focus now? 

I am currently focusing on giving back to the community in the form of a chat affiliate support you can say. I started ADvengersOnline.com to contribute in a way that affiliates can ask direct questions. The community and I can help them directly and instantly when providing support. This is the new project for 2020 besides my campaigns and my Amazon FBA. I am hoping ADvengers Online will be the replacement of Facebook Groups when it comes to an ever changing industry.


I am not afraid to fail at it since it is all a learning curve. Click To Tweet
Ian Fernando at work

How do you find new ideas to try?

Honestly, when I am relaxing or overthinking. When I am not doing anything my mind wanders and it just randomly generates ideas. I get ideas from what I read yesterday, maybe from people watching at cafes, or just reading a case study. Ideas just flock in and I just have to filter them out.

How do you justify ideas for yourself before starting to execute?

I read a lot about the idea and topic. I try to create a building block from its most basic form and then I decide to execute. I consume as much data as possible within 3 days by watching Youtube mostly and reading what others say. If it is something that I can improve on a skillset I have or expand on then I will give it a try. If it is something more out of curiosity then I will also try. I am not afraid to fail at it since it is all a learning curve.

Number one rule for you on to make it happen?

Micro Goals. Smaller goals compound and make bigger goals come true


I write my to-do in the morning, revisit after lunch, recap before bed Click To Tweet
Ian Fernando

Software that makes your job easier?

The most important tool I have is my notebook and trello. It allows me to be organized and figure out what I have to do the rest of the day or what I need to do before I go to bed. For ad spying, I use ad spy tools to help me with creatives and some new angles or finding new offers to promote.

Best productivity tip you have ever heard?

Make your bed. Write the day goals and break down that goal into micro tasks

What helps you to stay productive?

Writing my morning goals after the gym.

How do you manage your to-do?

I write them in the morning, revisit after lunch, recap before bed. I also try to break them down in the morning and set micro goals.

What music do you listen to when focusing on a task?

Classical, especially strings and piano.

Affiliate Marketing

Micro Goals. Smaller goals compound and make bigger goals come true Click To Tweet
Ian Fernando and a tiger

Anything you wish you had already known before you started your way in AM?

Don’t be greedy. Invest X% of what you have. Brand yourself hard especially when you are at the forefront. Be consistent. I also tend to not think about what happened in the past to now because the past is what made me. Also the fact that the industry changes in 2 years means it is just adopting and making sure you can get with the changes.

What do you think is the most important thing to understand about affiliate marketing before you start? 

– the Basics! How to create a website. How traffic bidding works.

What do you think you do right that helps you to stay top in the game? 

Keep up with the times, execute on the new algorithms even if it is at a loss. This allows me to understand what changed instead of just reading it.

Any verticals you are interested in trying this year?

CBD and more international. I do want to get into more information marketing as well too.

Is it getting harder or easier to make money online?

– I say more challenging. I started in 2005 where you can throw up an ad and literally just make your first dollar from the first click.

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