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Hen Kinan has been an affiliate for the last 7 years, running anything from mobile content to e-commerce offers. It was a huge success, yet, one day he realised that things had gotten a little too aggressive for him. Around three years ago he decided to move from the “easy money now” mindset to a long-term operation. As a result, he became one of the creators SHINEz, a platform that allows affiliates to generate profit by promoting viral content. It’s a 20+ people company now that brings 7 figures a month, all white-hat. Sounds good? I thought so too and reached out to Hen for a nice talk about on-line business and affiliate marketing.

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Productivity and time management

Hen Kinan Shinez is speaking at Affiliate world Asia, Bangkok 2019 affpeople interview
Hen Kinan is speaking at Affiliate world Asia, Bangkok 2019

How many hours a day do you work on average in total focus?

I have 8 hours working day with 3-4 super focused ones.

What does your average working day look like?

Stretching & Yoga in the morning, breakfast and off to work with my bicycle. In the office I will go over my emails first, skype/messengers services after and off to my To-do list 

You never spent time on..?

Arguing on small issues that can be solved easily, for me most issues have a really simple solution  

What methods do help you to stay focused and productive on your daily routine?

TomatoTimer – a tool giving you a time frame to where you can work on a specific task, I am making sure that during this time I am not checking my phone or any other notifications – a thing that helps me stay focused and not jump from one thing to another especially on busy days.

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What main activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest their time in? 

Gain knowledge, learning reading as much as possible on the day to day. When have the chance to fly and attend conferences, get out from your comfort zone and talk with as many people you know – thats make the different in my opinion.

Business and company management

Hen Kinan Shinez is speaking at Affiliate world Asia, Bangkok 2019 affpeople interview
Hen Kinan speaking about viral content at AWA. .

What are the main differences between running campaigns as an affiliate and running a business as a CEO?

Well, people 🙂 
Managing yourself is easy but managing other involved more skills.

Tell me more about SHINEz business model? How do you make money? 

Our product is an end-to-end solution for viral content promotion, including a huge library of highly engaging content, header bidding monetization and a wide array of automation tools.

We prompt content on any traffic source, while the users read the content we display ads – when doing it well, your EPC will be higher than your CPC.

Our platform is open to affiliates that work on the revshare model.

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What were the main reasons you shifted from affiliate marketing to business?

I never did, for me I am still an affiliate marketer and my mind set is the same.

As a businessman, what are your top priorities?

My mental and physical health so I can take care of my family and business in the best way.

What are your mistakes in business we all can learn from?

Every project should have an owner and every owner should report quickly on daily/weekly meetups.
Long meeting? Stop that.

How do you market your service, and which tactics have been most successful?

Foot work at conferences. Word of mouth. Forums, groups, networking.

What business opportunities do you see right now in the Affiliate Marketing industry?

Combine good Content with Ecom/leads.

Learning and knowledge management

Hen Kinan Shinez affpeople interview

What is the most important thing you have learned from the past couple of years? 

It’s all about interpersonal relations if you want to be here for the long run.

The best books on management every entrepreneur has to read?

These are for every person to read 🙂 

  1. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
  2. The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge
  3. Seven Brief Lessons On Physics

What media sources do you read most to be well informed on business and leadership matters?

I think that now, most of the stuff I get is from STM forum and FB groups I’m in

What marketing related media sources do you find useful for yourself?

I see lectures in Ted and other recording from conferences on weekly basis 

What are your favourite Ted talks or any other lectures?

Few Ted talks you want to show to your team/management are

Regarding industry lectures, I make sure to see all AW ones, even if it’s not related to what I do, there is always something you can learn!

Enjoy watching Hen’s Speech at AWA, Bangkok 2019:
Case Study: $60k in 10 Days Using Viral Marketing | Hen Kinan, AWasia 2019

Affiliate marketing and money management

Hen Kinan Shinez affpeople interview

Do you believe that there is some kind of pattern or formula to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Read, learn and know how to search for the answers – it’s all there, you just need to look and pick it up. 

How can affiliates bank with SHINEz?

Well, we bring something new to the affiliate industry, running content – a new vertical.
Where affiliates can still focus on being markets and only work on the creatives and targeting. 
We take care of the content, monetization and tracking for you – a lot of work that we do for you

What is your favorite aspect of affiliate business?

The opportunity to learn and experiment many different niches fast . The ability to know how to market anything 

You would never invest your money in..?

Offline business like bar or restaurant 

You would regret the money spent on..?

No regrets yet, even on things I lost – in general, I am in for spreading your investments as much as possible even if it’s meant losing in some cases 

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