Dasha from RedTrack. The market of trackers is growing even now

We discuss the market of tracking solutions, current state of affiliate marketing and how to grow as a professional.

Daria Nazarova is a Head of Marketing and Partnership Communications at RedTrack. One of the biggest tracking solutions on the market. Daria works in marketing for 5 years and helps product and outsourcing companies to establish their market presence. I know Daria for many years as an always-smiling girl and a solid professional. We met many times at different conferences. Once she showed me Minsk when I was there on a business trip. Daria is always ready to help people.

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The market of tracking solutions

How big is the market? How do you estimate the number of affiliates who use a tracking solution?

The affiliate marketing industry is huge! It is among a few ones that still offer revenue despite the current situation with COVID. And what’s interesting is that the number of affiliates and publishers is even growing now.

I’m convinced that 99% of affiliates use one or another tracking solution in their daily work routine. Luckily, they now have a choice and can pick the one that fits their needs in a best way. 

Such niches, as finance & insurance, education, lead gen, online casinos, gaming are in high demand because of this pandemic. Click To Tweet

What different types of clients do you distinguish? Not all you clients are affiliates, right?

Yes, you’re right. RedTrack was started off as a tracking solution for solo affiliates and media buyers. Since the beginning of 2018, we haven’t had a month when we didn’t release at least one new feature. Quite soon, RedTrack turned into a platform that solves different media buying challenges. Both naturally and strategically, we’ve expanded the usage of our solution to meet the needs of media-buying teams, ad agencies, and even advertisers.

How do you see the development of your product? Will you be focusing on affiliate space or move towards other client types?

I would say that 2019 was a determinative year for our team and RedTrack itself. We defined the focus for RedTrack and finalized strategies for our product development. We pay a lot of attention to automation of different tracking and management features. No, we’re not shifting towards other client types, but we are expanding the audiences.

What are the most important markets for you?

We mostly target English speaking users. And geographically most of our customers are in the US, Canada, UK, and India. We have customers from 107 countries, and some of them are growing organically, Hong Kong and Singapore, for example.

Each geo requires different approaches from a marketing standpoint. And the customers’ requirements vary greatly depending on the region, as well.

Are all trackers the same or more different nowadays? What makes you different?

They are different. Different trackers put forward different values, features, and requirements. All trackers on the market have matching core functionality, which is quite obvious, tracking and analytics. But user interfaces and extra functionalities might vary greatly depending on the tracker’s values.

Speaking about RedTrack, we’ve never been a turnkey solution for affiliates who work with blackhat tactics. In such cases, we usually advise them to try out a competitive solution that is built with this purpose. Some still choose to stay with our tracking solution and integrate a 3rd party cloaking tool to it.

What makes us different, without trying to sound like a sale’s pitch? I would name such principles, as:

  • Customer service and onboarding support was, is and will always be our priority. Biggest kudos to our Support Team;
  • There is no business growth without automation. Our aim is to automate 80% of media buying repetitive tasks. And we’re already succeeding in this.
  • Transparent pricing based on usage.

New google chrome update is going to disable 3rd party cookies. How does it affect tracking and what is your response to that?

For sure, 3rd party cookies powered a number of key advertising processes. Their ‘death’ has a certain influence on many players, like SSPs and DSPs, advertisers, and publishers. Has it influenced us, as a tracker? Not really, as we’ve been advocates of cookieless tracking for a while now. All RedTrack users can track organic traffic and ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other traffic sources without redirects and 3rd party cookies.

Affiliate marketing

You work a lot with affiliates, can you note something regarding the current state of the industry? What is happening right now?

The current state of the industry is unstable. On the one hand, companies are cutting their advertising budgets, some industry players (e.g. travel, e-com, ‘luxury-related’ products) shut their affiliate programs, black hat tactics now face the biggest troubles with Facebook they ever had.

But, every crisis brings new opportunities. As people spend more time in front of a computer, traffic volumes on Facebook, and authoritative media platforms are now huge. Niches like insurance, education, lead gen, online casinos, gaming seem to be in high demand. I don’t want to give certain recommendations, as I do not run advertising campaigns myself, but I would probably advise thinking more locally now.

I know that you run massive research and as a result published affiliate marketing guide of around 100 pages. What if I ask you to list KEY takeouts, something that is the most important for everyone in the industry?

It’s hard to summarize an 80+ page guide in several sentences! All in all, this Guide has value for both experienced marketers and starters. Overview of each vertical (with recommendations on starting budget, ad formats, geo, stats of average payout, etc.), a huge expert poll, impartial analytics, and real-life cases make this book a real educational tool.

Readers would also find more tips and strategies shared by top managers of such Networks, as Outbrain, PropellerAds, MGID, Advidi, TravelPayouts, CrakRevenue, Zorka Network, TopOffers and many others! Every reader would make his own takeaways from this Guide. 

Check RedTrack affiliate marketing guide here

Productivity work and learning

What do you read to become more successful at work?

To be productive and successful at work, I love watching videos and webinar recordings (I fail every time to attend live-webinars), as well as reading articles on marketing, advertising, and SaaS products. 

One of my favorites now – a series of weekly webinars by HubSpot: how to grow and scale a startup.

What marketing-related media sources do you find useful for yourself?

Throughout the day I came across a dozen of interesting and useful articles about marketing and affiliate industry. If you follow the ‘right’ people and pages on Linkedin and Facebook, such content will find you itself.

I really enjoy:

I also enjoy the format of daily/weekly newsletters, and I’m subscribed to several ones to keep myself updated on marketing-related topics. Among them:

  •  The Hustle
  •  Digiday
  •  Morning Brew

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How do you educate yourself on affiliate marketing?

First of all, my favorite daily newsletter – Stacked Marketer. Emanuel Cinca and his team do a great job to pack all the freshest news of affiliate marketing in one email. I’m also subscribed to emails and blog posts by Attila. We often recommend his actionable guides to RedTrack users, as they’re so well-written and easily-structured.

Besides, I enjoy what my friends from different Networks do in terms of content for their blogs. And if I have time I always read their latest articles. 

The affiliate marketing industry is huge! It is among a few ones that still offer good revenue despite the current situation with COVID. Click To Tweet

What tricks and methods have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day to day schedule?

Such a hot-button question! I wish I could share some great tips on how to stay productive all day long, but I didn’t master this skill yet :). What definitely helps me is old-school time management. I use my loveliest and most favorite Notion tool (can I put my referral link here lol) to set tasks for a week ahead and record the progress there.