Hey everyone

I am Roman, you might know me under the alias Alexis Zorbas.

It is Roman Here

I am a professional journalist and a writer. Yeah, like a real writer with books published and all.

I was born in Siberia, studied journalism and media management. I wrote for a number of media outlets, I also worked for Russian TV channel as a special correspondent in Ireland and the UK.

It was in Ireland when I first got introduced to performance marketing. For a couple of years I was in the lead generation department for one of the biggest marketing companies in the world.

With Traffic Captain from TrafficPartner

Then I stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing in the beginning of 2016 and with friends we started to run campaigns actually. We grew fast and soon we were a 15 people team.

All that time I had been doing my writing. It’s sort of a passion of life as well as journalism. I have always been fond of people: interested to talk with and listen to. So in 2018 we founded ZorbasMedia – a media covering affiliate marketing internationally. I was responsible for the content part. It was a lot of fun starting it up. My goal there was to bring real journalism into the affiliate marketing industry and I worked hard toward that goal.

With iAmAttila

I have done dozens of high quality video interviews with the most influential people in the industry. When it came to an end as our objectives with other founders became different, I decided to start this project and focus on something that I like above all – people. Affiliate people, in fact.

So in this blog I talk to the most successful people in our industry and try to understand what makes them stand out among other affiliates or people involved?

In my focus are the entrepreneurs, executives, super affiliates, those who shape our business and inspire thousands to act.

with Peter Advidi

What does their routine look like? What books do they read? What apps do they use daily? What time do they tend to wake up and how many hours they work? From my interviews I want to learn their exact tactics and principles and share them with you my dear readers.

Don’t hesitate to reach me out regarding to any questions: [email protected]

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